Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is blatant flirting a form of infidelity?

I went to a semi-society wedding on the weekend. You know the faces you see in the social sections of the newspapers but they are not actually famous for anything. Anyway, a good friend of mine married the love of his life and the wedding itself was a complete success.

My other half and I were seated at a table next to two 45-50 something year olds. I'll refer to them as Couple A and Couple B. Both couples were by all accounts very wealthy, attractive and very friendly. Within and hour and a few (too many) glasses of wine later, Husband A and Wife B started flirting with each other. The flirting quickly moved to the odd touch of each others arms and lap. It soon became noticeable the non-flirting husband and wife were noticing the shameless behaviour of their spouses and annoyance set in. To the point where the non-flirting husband grabbed his wife’s mobile phone off her at one point, it appeared as though she was about to take the phone number of the Husband A. The non-flirting wife for the rest of the lunch completely turned so her back was facing her husband so she didn’t see flirting.

Its moments like this that make can lead to an act of infidelity if it’s taken too far and boundaries are tested. What is it about weddings that lead to this type of behaviour, the irony is that this behaviour took place at a wedding which was meant to be a display of faith and commitment!

Then again is this type of blatant flirting a form of infidelity? or Is it just innocent fun?


At 12:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a slippery slope I think, depending on where someone is at in their life and self knowledge. I think flirting is a form of seeking validation and thus indicates a chink in self esteem. Of course I could be wrong! Please check out my blog- a therapeutic process to help me thru my grief. The tale of a predator, pieced together by the wife and put online for all to see. Catharsis and revenge and downright silliness I fear. Let me know what you think.


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