Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's DaDetail all about??

DaDetail is created as a means for me to publish and raise awareness of infidelity in relationships as a social issue. Too often, our society treats infidelity as a moral issue but the consequences when the truth comes out can have an enormously negative effect on individuals that are directly or indirectly involved. Infidelity claims a huge psychological and emotional toll regardless of innocence or guilt, once Tday (truth day) hits and its victims can include family, friends and society.

I, like everyone, have a fascination with the private lives of people, especially with regard to infidelity. I don't know too many people in relationships that haven't committed some form of infidelity. I've personally been the innocent and guilty party of infidelity so I approach this Blog with a completely open mind.

This Blog will include my own commentary on the issue and also seek your views on current issues relating to infidelity. I'll also discuss various situations that pop up in my own life (people love to confess things to me, donno what it is) which I'll share with you but of course only after I've change personal details about the confessor.

Judgmental don't live here at DaDetail so lets get it out there and talk about it...


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