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Saving Your Relationship

Another worthwhile read I found online on the People's Media Company website...

How to Save a Relationship If Your Partner Cheats on You

Steps to Help You Save Your Romance Relationship
By Michelle Knudson CLOUT INDEX
Published Apr 04, 2006

Cheating seems to happen in romance relationships at the worst times when we least expect it. We often sit there in shock after we found out that a romance partner cheated on us. It often makes us feels it is our fault. We need to remember that it isn't our fault when a romance partner cheats on us with someone else. Someone who cheats would do it regardless of what may have been said or done by you in the past. Once cheating happens there is no trust left in the romance relationship.

Healing from cheating

The most difficult part of cheating is to begin healing. It is hard to look at your romance partner that cheated on you. We often blame ourselves for the actions of a partner. Sometimes we feel that we failed in the romance relationship somehow. Cheating really has nothing else to do with us. A partner who cheats has a problem within himself or herself that they need to put a stop to somehow. Cheating is a form of deception because the partner did try to hide it from us. People who cheat usually deny it unless they are caught and they know that we know what he or she did.

Can you forgive him or her?

When someone is able to forgive someone it is something that takes allot from someone to be able to do. You don't have to forget about how your partner cheated on you. We need to be able not hold onto things anymore. You can't stay upset with someone forever because it isn't healthy. Everyone does make mistakes from time to time in this wonderful world, but the important thing to remember is if someone learns from mistakes. You need to ask yourself if you can ever forgive your partner that cheated on you.

Should you forgive him or her?

Only if your partner has started to be honest with you and is not telling lies anymore. If your partner is truly sorry about that he or she cheated on you then you should forgive them over time. It takes time to be able to forgive an individual for actions such as cheating. Not everyone who cheats is a bad person. Your partner who cheated on you can't just expect you to just forget about it overnight or even over a year. It takes months and even a year or so to get over something like that since cheating is a form of deception.

How can you get the images out of your mind?

Images of your partner in bed with someone else is something difficult to get over. A few things that can help you get the images of out your head is to remember that person who cheated with your partner isn't one to brag about. She or he isn't some perfect person. If you two decide to work on your relationship despite cheating in the past then remember the other man or woman wasn't that great. Try to remember the times that you and your partner did things together. Try to forget about the other person that use to be with your partner.

Will he or she not cheat on you anymore?
People who cheat often have low self esteem and therefore don't think very highly about themselves. If your partner is truly sorry for what he or she did then they will never cheat on you. People who aren't really sorry for what they did then they will often do it again and try to get away with it. People who want to keep on cheating they just try to hide it better and hope to not get caught again. Some people lie to their partner and keep cheating. You need to decide if your partner is one that would be able to bring him or herself to be able to cheat on you. Only you know how sorry he or she may be for cheating on you in the past. Do what you think is the best for you to do in regards to the romance relationship.


At 6:20 am, Blogger Jannis27 said...

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At 9:17 am, Anonymous cheating spouse said...

Once a cheater, always a cheater I say. It's hard to get back with someone that cheats and it takes a lot to gain that trust back.

At 7:19 pm, Blogger Mia Carmel West said...

Infidelity is one of the most difficult obstacles that a married couple can face. There are ways in which a spouse can overcome the difficulties of having his/her partner commit adultery, but it takes a lot of courage and entails lots of sacrifice on your part to do this. Unless you are up to the challenge, prepare for a life after divorce.

At 7:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno if anyone else has pointed this out yet or have, from what I can see, a very unhealthy obsession with infidelity. No offense, but it strikes me that you either went through a very traumatic experience, or this is some sort of blog for people to post asinine advertisements (see the CIALIS link, et al.)...If your significant other cheated, get over it or don't. You needn't drag it out via some sort of soul-searching, cathartic experience for years and years.

Can you trust them? If yes, do that. If not...move on.

And yes, I've cheated before. Once. And I paid my pound of flesh. This blog just strikes me as emotionally masturbatory, is all. Best of luck and I wish you well!

At 9:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a good beating helps ..i'm a 63 year old bisexual male and i cheated on my wife..i had sex with a woman recently but her husband found out and he beat me cock's got me into trouble before but never a fight..i did fight back but i took too much punishment.
my wife and her two friends tended to my bruises,the two friends were in fact quite excited i was in a fight and wished they saw it,but the knew i got beat.

At 2:47 pm, Blogger dayton hopper said...

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